Torn Silence Technology Consultants is an Information Technology integration and solutions, web design and development company geared towards the advancement and success of the small business community and the consumer.

The small business community is an intregal part of our Nation as we know it. Without the innovation and inventions that started out small, we wouldn't have many of the things that we do today.

In the past, small businesses had a hard struggle to get where they are today.



More often than not, small business today sits in the background, maintaining their silence but continuing to struggle.


We are about to change all that. Silence MUST be heard!


Torn Silence is committed to the Small Business owner and the advancement of their success.  Partnered together, we can pursue a professional environment and advance success far beyond normal expectations.

Torn Silence is a consulting firm that will review with you your technology needs and bring them into reality.

Contact us today, and let us show you how we can help your business and your technology needs become a reality.